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Inland Empire Bridal Hair

Brides -is your year for hairstyles! Why? Because there are so many ways you can go. Is your hair short? Long? Do you want it swept up? Curled? Straight? Trust us, there is a style for you to make him gasp when you walk down that aisle.

There are two things you need to consider when it comes to how to wear your hair on the Big Day. Are you going to wear a veil and how do you want your Inland Empire Bridal Hair? Whether you promised you’d wear your grandmother’s mantilla or have decided on a short sassy spray, what veil you choose, if any, has to go with your hairstyle and vise versa. But do us a favor and prepare so we can get an idea of what is going to be the most fabulous look for you.

Pick out the veil or hair adornment, be it flowers or a tiara or ribbons or jewels. Next, pick out several hairstyles from bridal magazines or websites. Print out copies and bring those with you as well when you go for the consultation with your hairdresser. In fact, a folder of examples of what you want from cake to flowers to hairstyles is a good idea anyway.

Oh, yes. This is too much of an important day not to have a pre-style appointment to discuss options. In 2009, anything goes. It is the year of your choice. That’s great news, and also a little intimidating. So many decisions! Let your hair designer guide you.

Bring a friend along  Inland Empire Bridal Hair, but not the groom-to-be

You want to surprise him! Have that friend bring a camera and take pictures from all angles once you and your stylist go through a trial run and you pick the hairdo that is the absolute perfect one. That way, come the day of the wedding when you return for the real thing, you both will have a reference to work with.Trust us, that is the best way. You will have your mind on so many things, it is best to have a visual reminder.

Now for some tips: Your veil will help determine if a swept up classic chignon or cascading locks will be the style for you. Remember, if you want your hair longer, extenders or hair sticks can be added. You might consider hair jewelry under your veil or even instead of one, to add shimmer, especially if it is a formal evening affair. The glint of glam can be just the thing for the reception if you want to remove your long veil.

Whether long or short, a tasteful spray of flowers are always a classic, especially for less formal gowns or second marriage ceremonies. Fresh flowers can be used if they have an individual water vial. Your florist can help you with that. But for your consultation, have the florist create a silk one, or go to a hobby store and pick out a spray yourself. That way your stylist will be able to have something to work with.

The general rule is the more formal the occasion, wearing your hair up is the way to go. But today, long sexy hair can be styled to look formal and glamorous as well. Oftentimes, the time of year is important. In the Texas heat of summer, you may want an upsweep. In the winter, cascading locks may be better. Again, it is all up to you.

Of course, your hair designer will take into account your face shape, your bone structure and your eyes. Your hairdo should emphasize your best features. This is your big day and all eyes will be on you, especially his. Find a hair stylist near you to design just the right Bridal hairdo for your 2009 day of memories.

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